Denis Goyes

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    Colombia-native Denis Goyes has 15 years experience in growing and harvesting coffee in her farm "La Rosenda" of 2 hectares, high in the Andes Mountains. Over the course of about a year, she has been experimenting and mastering the black honey process, along with her cousin and other women in the Huila region. She begins the selection process during the harvesting and continues selecting the best coffee bean two additional times. She carefully moves the drying beans several times a day to ensure even drying to develop the most complex flavors the coffee bean can absorb. Just taste this deeply satisfying single origin: sweet like maple or raw honey, it marries mango flavors with a fruit-like brightness, calling to mind the pure bliss of honey-dipped peaches. The body is smooth and silky, it feels like a warm hug.

    Read a recent interview with Denis here.

    Region: Huila
    Processing: Black Honey
    Cultivars: Yellow Colombia
    Elevation: 1,850 meters above sea level
    Fermentation: Double Anaerobic
    Cupping Notes: Maple Honey, Caramel, Peach, Mango

    Acidity: Medium

    Body: Silky and Smooth


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    6.0 oz

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    Maple Honey, Caramel, Peach, Mango