Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Where are you located? 

We don’t have a physical store front, but you can purchase Casa Dos Chicas online. We ship within the United States. 

Do you have a store front? 

Not yet, but we have plans within the next 3-5 years to open a brick-and-mortar café to bring all of our amig@s together.

Where can I buy your coffee? 

Order online at or through our Instagram and Facebook store. 

What makes your coffee “specialty coffee”? 

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) defines specialty coffee as being free from primary defects. It is properly sized, dried and it presents in a cup free of faults and taints. It also has distinctive attributes, meaning it must be able to pass aspect grading and cupping tests. It has tasting scores of 80 or more on the SCAA rating scale. (SCA talk for flavor notes). All aspects of growth, processing and roast are considered. 

What is the best coffee? 

The one you like!  

Why does my stomach hurt when I drink coffee? 

There are many factors: 

  • Coffee speeds up the digestive process so bowel movements may come with a bit of discomfort. Drinking plenty of water should help with this uneasy feeling. 
  • Coffee is acidic by nature and the caffeine in it may trigger your body to produce more acid...never comfortable. Make sure you are not sensitive to caffeine. 
  •  You may not be drinking specialty coffee. Try drinking quality coffee. Sometimes commercial coffee has fungus and other strange things that can wreak havoc on your digestion.  
  •  If you put milk in your coffee, it may be the lactose in the milk you are using that is upsetting your tummy. Try switching from an animal-based milk to a plant-based milk and see if you notice a difference.
Is coffee a bean?  


It is the seed inside the cherry of the coffee plant. When the ripe cherry is picked, it is dried through various processes to remove the seed, which is then roasted and ground to prepare your favorite beverage. 

How did the two of you meet? 

We worked together in the Accounting Department for a museum in New York City.  If you want to learn more read Our Story page😊 

How did you get into the coffee business? 

What started as an afternoon break in our little office grew into a weekly event where we invited others into our circle of friends. Our passion for bringing people together grew into a vision to bring it to others on a global scale.