“Everything is possible
over a cup of coffee.”

Whether at a meeting, your favorite cafe, or your best friend's kitchen table, a delicious cup of coffee inspires creativity, community and connection.

We met through a mutual passion for accounting, and became lifelong friends through our passion for great coffee. The result has been a quest to uncover the best ways to grow, source, roast and prepare coffee to bring each bean to its fullest potential.

Whether you're new to coffee or a true connoisseur, we're committed to delivering an experience that delights your taste buds, nourishes your body and nurtures your soul.

With love,


Our Commitment:

We engage in ethical trade practices that ensure fair compensation across the supply chain.

From planting to harvest, great coffee begins with stewarding the land that supports it.

Our specialty coffee beans are hand-selected, sorted and processed in small batches using traditional techniques.

Our mission & ethos

The mission of Casa Dos Chicas Café is to support, empower and bring equity to women coffee growers by taking a mindful approach to every step of the global supply chain.

Our core values — love, unity and community — drive everything we do. We’re committed to delivering a customer experience that is second to none, and to becoming a vanguard of the coffee industry in terms of awareness, sustainability and fair trade.

About our growers

Grown at high altitudes to ensure the highest-quality bean, our coffees originate on small, family-owned farms or multi-family cooperatives across Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Our growers practice sustainable farming, uphold fair trade standards, and demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the welfare of workers (many of whom are women), their families and communities.

Sure, people who love coffee love Dos Chicas. But you may be
surprised that people new to coffee also love our roasts.


Wow! No more bulk coffee for me! What an experience! I’ve always been a coffee lover but experiencing the Torquesa bean from Chiapas Mexico prepared by Chemex has elevated my definition of a “good cup of coffee.”

– Brege O.

I never drink coffee without creamer as it usually feels too thin and bitter. This coffee seemed to carry its own depth and texture that required no cream at all. For the first time in my life, I drank black coffee, and enjoyed it! Try won't regret it.

– Bloodine B.

The Torquesa bean with the chemex preparation was excellent...smooth, not bitter, even completely black with no sugar. The perfect coffee to have with desert or pastries.