Common coffee mistakes that can spoil your brew

Posted on August 04 2021, By: Ana Ocansey

Common coffee mistakes that can spoil your brew

When coffee is a regular part of your morning, midday or after-dinner routine, you know the satisfaction that comes with that first sip. But did you know there are a few practices that can sabotage the experience? 

If you’re aiming for the ideal cup of coffee — one that rivals the experience of savoring a fine wine or a great cigar — here are 4 common mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Refrigeration. In the interest of keeping it fresh, you may be tempted to store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. But this actually has the opposite effect. Coffee absorbs the smells of its environment — so the foods in your fridge can actually show up in the flavor. For the best coffee taste, seal the beans in a mason jar or other airtight container, and store it in your kitchen cabinet. 
  2. Re-grinding. You may have heard that you can re-grind coffee to achieve a more refined consistency. Don’t believe the hype! This can cause the grinder to fail and won’t give you the uniform results you’re looking for. Try aiming for the right consistency on the first round. 
  3. Storing indefinitely. Coffee begins to release its flavor the moment you grind the beans. The longer you wait to brew, the more the flavor diminishes. To be sure you’re pulling full flavor from the bean, be sure to use your coffee within 3 to 6 weeks of opening the package — and grind it as you go.
Microwave heating. There’s a lot to be said about microwave cooking in general, but for coffee drinkers, it’s especially bad practice. Reheating coffee in the microwave reorganizes the chemical makeup of the coffee and ruins the flavor profile. If your coffee gets cold, just make yourself a fresh cup. 

    Looking for a better brew? Consider yourself enlightened!