Why our breakthrough roasting method is your path to a perfect bean

Posted on August 04 2021, By: Oneida Franco

Why our breakthrough roasting method is your path to a perfect bean

You’ve likely heard of the advantages of air roasting to produce a good-quality coffee. Our roaster takes this technique to the next level with a patented technology that offers all the benefits of air roasting and more.

In a process referred to as “fluidized bed roasting,” hot air at a set temperature moves in a vicious circle in a low-oxygen environment. The coffee beans are fed into the air stream, where they roast without ever coming into direct contact with a hot surface.

This technique has three distinct advantages: 

  1. Bean purity. The primary benefit of this technique is that it helps prevent carcinogens from forming. Conventional roasting methods expose beans to combustion by-products that can diminish the flavor and quality of the bean. The actual roasting process removes by-products such as husks, grain waste and other foreign substances automatically. The result is a pure bean, full of flavor, and free of toxins.
  2. Flavor integrity. With vapor roasting, the temperature required for a particular roast profile is pre-set and evenly distributed. The roasting process is completely automated, so human error doesn’t come into play. This establishes a consistent aroma and flavor and preserves the coffee’s natural vitamins and essential oils in every batch. 
  3. Energy efficiency. Because the chamber can be cleaned without disrupting the roasting process, downtime is significantly lower. This means the overall energy footprint is also lower — approximately 32% lower than comparable hot air roasters by pound and hour. 

Coffee may be the first thing you do for yourself each day. Our breakthrough roasting method helps ensure the beans we sell are as pure, flavorful and planet-friendly as possible, for your enjoyment and wellbeing.