Oneida’s trip to the Dominican Republic, 2021

Posted on December 16 2021, By: Oneida Franco

Oneida’s trip to the Dominican Republic, 2021

I was always taught to never forget and to honor your roots. I carry this teaching with me everyday and it still feels amazing when I’m able to take a minute and travel back to the Dominican Republic.

This time around I went for business, however, I had time to enjoy lots of activities while on the island. What’s life if you don’t add a bit of fun here and there, right?

Despite the pandemic and all the extra documentation you have to gather for the trip regarding tests and vaccines, we didn’t really have any trouble traveling and visiting places; as long as you show your certificate and keep your distance, you’re welcome to experience everything Santo Domingo has to offer.

Beach and family time

Have you seen the crystal clear water of the ocean in the Dominican Republic? The beach was definitely a mandatory stop for me. We spent hours under the palm trees and created long lasting  memories while connecting with nature on a personal level. It’s an incredible way to be present and feel grateful.

Beach Dominican Republic

I even had time to go harvest some turmeric with my dad. He has a farm where he grows different fruits, vegetables and has a few farm animals.  After that, we had a very “sweet” experience: The chocolate museum was fantastic in the “Zona Colonial” . It’s the perfect place for kids and grown-ups; you’ll find a mix of history, culture, fun activities, and places to explore among a series of very interesting tours. 

TumericTumeric 2

Coffee? Coffee!

You know me; wherever I go, trying coffee is a must. Especially if it comes with a very delicious typical breakfast from the Island, called Mangu. It’s a combination of mashed green plantains, salami and eggs topped with caramelized onions, try it and thank me later!



The Dominican Republic and our favorite hot drink have always been a strong team. It’s a vital part of the island and, to some extent, a representation of us, as well as a source for inspiration.


In one of our tours I found the book “Ojala que llueva cafe”, written by Nerlia Barletta; what a smart and colorful way to teach children about the story behind the classic Juan Luis Guerra song. Even though I no longer have little kids at home, it was the perfect souvenir for Ana’s children. 

Ojala Que Llueva Cafe

One of my favorite things about going to the Dominican Republic is the fact that you always have something new to discover, learn about and explore, like this secret garden in and old building in La Zona Colonial.  I can’t wait to be back again!