Sip To Wellness: A Look at Ways Drinking Coffee Benefits Your Health

Posted on November 09 2022, By: Ana Ocansey

Sip To Wellness: A Look at Ways Drinking Coffee Benefits Your Health

By Jasmine Feliciano

Coffee – the heavenly taste with which you wake up each day and begin your day! There is a certain extraordinariness in every sip you take, but, at some point, you probably wonder whether this magnificent drink is good for you. You are not the only one to question its effects, but the truth is that there are many coffee benefits that are proven to be good for your health.

7 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Can Be Good for Your Health

If you are a genuine coffee lover concerned about its effects, we are here to deliver some good news. This delightful beverage comes with robust health benefits, which can do wonders for your whole well-being. Therefore, next time you feel guilty about enjoying your favorite drink, just think about these reasons why you should indulge in its delight. 

  • Decreases The Chances of Heart Failure 

  • Believe it or not, one of the main coffee benefits is that this drink can decrease the chances of getting heart disease. Namely, two cups a day can make your heart stronger, so it is capable of pumping more blood when it feels weak. This means that a shot of espresso can do wonders for your health!

  • Improves Energy Levels 

  • We all know that coffee contains caffeine, which is a well-known stimulant that can boost energy levels and decrease the feeling of fatigue. A number of studies have shown that coffee can provide better performance of daily tasks. It is estimated that caffeine can improve your physical performance by around 12%, making it a good idea to drink a cup before heading to your workout session.  

  • Protects Against Brain Disorders 

  • An abundance of studies has proven that coffee can prevent arduous brain diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's disease. People who intake caffeine on a daily basis have shown lower risks of getting some of the most complex neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Eases Depression

  • One of the most intuitive benefits of drinking coffee is the reduction of depression. As per a case administered by the Harvard School of Public Health, women that drink coffee often seem to be less susceptible to depression. The caffeine in one cup is instinctive at beating the blues. 

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  • Provides Hormonal Migraine Relief (for Women)

  • It can sound counterintuitive, but a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea can help provide hormonal migraine relief. The caffeine can constrict blood vessels and increase mood. It also enriches the effect of acetaminophen and ibuprofen if needed, according to licensed naturopathic physician Dr. Jolene Brighten. However, it is advised to be mindful as caffeine withdrawals are a reality. If caffeine is consumed daily at high amounts and abrupt suddenly, a headache can occur. 

  • It Prolongs Your Life 

  • One of the most desired coffee benefits is that it can prolong your life. People who regularly consume one to two cups of coffee have slighter chances to develop complex diseases, such as kidney failure, stroke, or diabetes. 

  • Maintains Normal Weight

  • Drinking coffee on a daily basis can help you maintain your normal weight, but also help you lose weight faster. Many people drink this tasty beverage before hitting the gym because it helps burn more calories in a short amount of time.

    4 Types of Coffee Beans That Every Coffee Lover Should Try 

    Now that you know the benefits of coffee, you may want to explore all types of coffee beans, and your visits to coffee shops will include quite different orders. Don’t miss out on the chance to taste the uniqueness that the following coffee beans offer. 

  • Arabica 

  • Arabica is the most popular coffee bean around the world, so it’s not strange that it is the most common type of coffee you come across in many coffee shops. Arabica beans are difficult to grow, and that’s why they are usually more expensive than other types. However, once you taste their smooth flavor, you’ll realize that they are worth every penny. 

  • Liberica

  • Liberica coffee beans are one of the rarest types of beans worldwide. They have a specific taste that is not found in other types of coffee beans. This unique flavor is not everyone’s cup of tea. Having one shot of espresso can determine whether you love or hate Liberica beans – there is no in-between! 

  • Excelsa 

  • These are considered to be the rarest types of coffee beans. They are characterized by fruity flavors, which are light and weaker when it comes to their aroma. You might find these beans in blends because they are known to produce the complexity of flavors. 

  • Robusta 

  • Robusta is ideal for those who cherish strong flavors and a certain amount of bitterness in their coffee. Robusta beans contain high amounts of caffeine and they come with a strong smell. Although it is heavy in flavors, you should give it a try! 

    Enjoy Your Coffee Without Worries 

    As you can see, coffee benefits your health! As long as you keep your cups in a limited number, you can enjoy this magnificent drink without feeling guilty! It is not called a miraculous drink in vain - it keeps you happy and supports your health! 

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